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The Inking Pen, has as its name suggests, one significant ability - the ability to ink on actual paper as your movements are captured on screen. This pressure and tilt-sensitive drawing pen was created to provide immediate feedback at your pen tip on the drawing as well as on your computer screen. The pressure-sensitive Inking Pen comes with Inking Nibs (inking cartridges) and two Standard Nibs for inkless drawing. It has a pressure-sensitive tip, but no eraser and no side switches. Ships with a black pen stand, 2 Standard Nibs, and 3 Inking Nibs.
Note: When you purchase an Inking Pen, it comes with a polyacetal nib in the pen. Use the nib extractor (the silver ring) to gently remove the Standard Nib from the pen. Then insert one of the silver-coloured cartridges that come with the Inking Pen. The cartridge tip has a waxy coating that you will need to rub off before you can begin inking.
Note: Works only with Intuos4, Intuos5 and Intuos Pro tablets. Not suitable for Cintiq tablets.
  • Technology: cordless/battery-free
  • Dimensions: 151.5 x 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Pressure levels: 2,048
  • Tilt sensitivity: +/- 60°
  • Tool ID: yes
  • Inking Pen with non-inking nib
  • 2 non-inking nibs
  • 3 black inking nibs
  • Pen Stand

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