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The PenPartner has an active area of 81.2x58.0 mm. It has an aluminium colour and comes with an accompanying pen, which as all Wacom pens, is cordless and battery-free. The PenPartner connects via a USB port and the driver works under Windows 98,ME,2000,XP and Vista. The tablets comes with JustWrite Office 4.0 software for note-taking in Microsoft Office's Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Wacom PenPartner is an effective and convenient tool for managers, office-workers and SOHO-users who are looking for an alternative to a mouse or touchpad. The PenPartner allows you to give presentations a lively and personal touch.

The accompanying JustWrite software allows you to make handwritten notes in the Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

You can give your email a personal touch by writing a signature underneath - just like an ordinary letter. Or liven up you Powerpoint presentations with handwritten notes, formulas and drawings either beforehand or during the presentation itself. And the PenPartner is faster and more accurate than most built-in equipment such as a touchpad.

Just like the other tablets from Wacom, the PenPartner uses the patented Wacom PenabledTM™ technology, which allows for easier and more accurate input. The light weight of the pen also helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury).

With its small footprint, the PenPartner is the ideal companion for the laptop. Because the PenPartner uses little power over the USB port, it won't drain your laptop battery as many other input devices do.

Efficient point-and-click
Because you can reach every point on your screen with a short movement of the pen, you can move the pointer easily within documents such as large Excel sheets.

Ergonomic handling
Office operations will become easier and more comfortable with PenPartner. The pen's optimal balanced weight is a real treat for left- and right-hand users and ensures intuitive and effective operation. Using a lightweight pen instead of a mouse reduces the risk of various long-term injuries such as RSI.

Low power consumption
PenPartner is powered through the PC's USB ports, but thanks to its lower power demand it doesn't drain the laptop battery too much in portable use.

Small size, low weight
If used in conjunction with a laptop, the PenPartner is perfect. The flat tablet and the pen don't take much space in your laptop case, definitely less than a traditional mouse. And for you fashion-addicts, its silver coloured casing goes well with most laptops nowadays.

Pressure sensitivity
Some applications can even recognise how hard you press the pen on the tablet and translate the pressure information into differently sized brush strokes.

Works in all programs
You don't need extra applications that "understand" the pen - all programs "see" the pen as a mouse, so if your touchpad or mouse works with it the pen definitely will too.

Get more out of Microsoft Office
With the supplied JustWrite Office program, you can extend the functionality of your current Office installation: Make notes in PowerPoint, Word or Excel or draw small sketches as you would do on regular paper. Your notes and drawings will be saved with your documents for everyone to see - even if they don't have the supplied JustWrite Office software.

Plug and Play
PenPartner works directly out of the box. In order to take advantage of its extended features such as point-and-click and pressure sensitivity, you can install the supplied driver.
Tablet Specifications:
  • Weight: approx. 168 grams
  • Dimensions: 147.5 x 160.2 x 12 mm
  • Active Area: 81.2 x 58 mm
  • Guarantee: 24
  • Software: JustWrite Office 4.0
  • Tools: Pen
  • Resolution: 1000 dpi (394 lines/cm)
  • Abs. accuracy: ± 0.5 mm
  • Pressure Levels: 512
  • Max. distance: 3 mm
  • Max. pen tilt: n.a.
  • Tilt Accuracy: n.a.
  • Sample rate: 100 points/sec.
  • ToolID: false
  • QuickPoint: false
  • PenStand: false
  • Interface: USB
  • CableLength: 1.5 metres
  • Power supply: Via USB
  • Power usage: 0.2 Watt
  • PenPartner Tablet
  • PenPartner Pen
  • CD-ROM with driver and JustWrite Office 4.0.

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